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Wedding Favorites

Lollipop Lyra

- Aerial Champagne Pour

Lollipop Lyra

  • requires a minimum ceiling height of 12'

  • requires approximately 1-2 hours to load-in/load-out

  • requires 6’x6’ open floor space

Champagne Dress Diva

  • holds 70 flutes of Champagne

  • strolling serving beverage of choice and posing for photos

  • up to 90 minutes non-stop performance

Champagne Chandelier 

- Aerial Champagne Pour

Champagne Chandelier

  • requires a minimum ceiling height of 20'

  • requires approximately 2-4 hours to load-in/load-out


A-Frame Aerial Rig

  • requires 30’x30’ open floor space

Electric Violinist

- Tower Gown

  • performing for up to 90 minutes non-stop

  • standing approximately 9' tall 

  • choose music style; classical, jazz, pop, etc

Raven Themed Wedding

  • Champagne Dress Diva

  • Lyra aerial performance

  • Swinging Hammock aerial performance

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